Frequently Asked Questions

When are episodes released?

Because episodes are now uploaded by the writers, the schedules for show release are determined by the individual authors. As of yet, there is no single schedule displaying when episodes are released. Instead, writers often announce the dates of release on the forums, so it’s worth keeping up to date by registering on the forums and following announcements.


Why do shows not always stick to their schedule?

Any scheduled dates are merely guides and occasionally writers can fall behind with their schedule. If a writer anticipates that a show will not be aired on time, then an announcement will probably be made in the appropriate thread on the forums. Sometimes a series begins airing before it is fully written, and for this reason writers may slip behind.


Can my show be aired on SimTV?

If you send your show or an idea for a show to a member of the media management team, they may consider airing it on SimTV. See the “Contribute” page for more details.