About SimTV

The SimTV site is a place where media shows are published and shared for everyone to enjoy. Such shows are created using images and videos from The Sims 2 or The Sims 3 games, accompanied by narratives or scripts written by the show’s author.

The site offers a pleasant mix of intriguing shows, which focus on one of several genres: comedy, drama, reality or mystery. In addition, SimTV plays host to music videos, short stories and comedy sketches that are also made using The Sims games.

You too can contribute to the eclectic array of media shows that SimTV has to offer, by writing your own show or submitting original ideas that might be used on the site. Details on how you might go about this can be found at this link.

Whilst most shows are written as scripted dialogue, others are written in a narrative format. Either way, every show will contain creative storylines and provides an entertaining read.